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Deponia Tipps

Deponia 1 - Lösung - Mit dieser Lösung greifen wir Euch bei dem Computerspiel 'Deponia' Dadurch bekommen wir einige Tipps für den Zusammenbau der. Doc gibt Rufus Tipps zum Thema Frauen. Chaos auf Deponia. Doc während Rufus' Sägeblatt-Fluchtversuchs Ach du große Grütze. Es wäre verrückt, zu glauben. Unsere Komplettlösung für Deponia mit zahlreichen Tipps bringt euch problemlos durch das Adventure aus dem Hause Daedalic.

Tipps und Cheats zu Deponia

Alle Tipps zu Deponia. Deponia: Komplettlösung mit Trophäen-Leitfaden. ​, Goodbye Deponia: Komplettlösung. , 2. GIGA. Deponia Doomsday. Die Komplettlösung zum Daedalic Adventure. Zeitreisen, rosa Elefanten und ein Stapel Kristallgläser – damit beginnt. Rette den Müllplaneten Deponia! Stelle dich zahlreichen Herausforderungen! Und wenn du mal nicht weiter weißt, helfen dir unsere Tipps und.

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Deponia - Let´s Play (German/Deutsch) #16 Tipps \u0026 eigene Erkenntnisse

In the middle one you can see some Cogwheels and the left one can lead inside the ship. But Rufus can hurt himself, trying to open it with bare hands. Open the inventory and use Provisions on the middle hatch. A hatch over it will open and a Maintenance Arm will appear. Im going slightly mad here, been trying to solve this for two hours now. I have parked the minecart under the funnel at the crane. I have put the skelleton bone behind the crane seat. I have filled the bottle with booze from Doc. I have watched Doc meditate. I sit in the crane watching the horizon. Rufus say "Hommmmmmm, I AM A PUPUP, hommmmmmm". Then nothing more happen. I try to stear the. Deponia > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details. Black Lavanade. Oct 24, @ am Minecart I can't get past the minecart bit in chapter 2. I have the. Point and click games are difficult - you have to think around the corner many times. Sometimes you get stuck - when you do, you should do the following: Talk to every person in the area (there are never more than 8 people in one area). The below guide provides a complete walkthrough of Deponia, a game created by Daedalic tips will help you beat the game. This game is a classic, point&click adventurer, which requires clear facts and situations, in which his character will find himself.

Hinter dem Angebot steht mit der Deponia Tipps Secure Trade. - Nützliche Spieletipps zu Goodbye Deponia

Auch der Schlüssel wandert ins Inventar. Deponia > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details. WiNiZ. Oct 19, @ am Meditate in the crane (Spoiler Alert!) Im going slightly mad here, been trying to solve this for two hours now. I have parked the minecart under the funnel at the crane. I have put the skelleton bone behind the crane seat. Alle Tipps zu Deponia. Games. Deponia: Komplettlösung mit Trophäen-Leitfaden. Das Point-&-Click-Abenteuer Deponia legte im Jahr den Grundstein für eine vierteilige Reihe, die das Abenteuer. Recap of Deponia series: The dialogue is a recap of the past Deponia storyline with a Rufus twist. Release Goal: Use the cannon panel. The aim is off. Press the large red button on right wall to expose a lever. It is the manual speed control. Pulling the lever to slow down gets Barry to .

I try to stear the crane but Rufus drops poor Goal back into her cart. What have I missed? Last edited by WiNiZ ; 19 Oct, am.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. I remember getting stuck at this point in the game. Someone mentioned something about clicking on the bottle of booze to get him to drink, but I don't know if this would make a difference.

I had picked the right name before getting the booze, and when I played from a previous save the only thing I remember doing differently was to make sure not to pick the name until I had everything in place.

Sebästschjin View Profile View Posts. Do you have the bottle with alcohol? You can find an empty bottle where you found the lever for the rails.

Click the pillow on the bed. Beneath is a green sock. Take it. Pick up the torch and oilcan on the bench to the right and then go downstairs.

See that the ghost is peeking on the hole to listen to the seer. Go through the window and go left to the seer's window. Take Mr. Toffee the tarantula.

Use the corkscrew on the tarantula bottle to get cork and empty bottle. Toffee escapes. Use the cork on the leak on the pipe just outside the ghost's window.

Exit the ghost room. Enhance Bozo's pie:. Flush the toilet. Look in the toilet bowl to see something - a freshener. Take the blue urinal cake.

Give him the pie with the ingredients that causes fever, blue tongue, sniffles and cough. Give Bozo his clothes and he gives the red towel.

Get Cletus' clothes:. The seer now has a head full of hair. Use the blue pillowcase with lice on the seer's hood.

Choose - What are you doing again? I think you look just fine from the dialogue. He puts the hood up and starts itching.

Rufus is asked to leave. Go back inside the room and take the habit on the bed. The members want the relics engraved with insignia six.

Give the relics in this order: sheet from ghost. The items are hung in front of Rufus and sent to the laundry. Rufus has to come out together with Cletus clothes.

The washing is complete. Now for the ritual dental operation. I think his teeth are cleaned. Get Cletus' clothes. Get Cletus out of his room:.

Use the intercom and say that you are in room 1. Ask about dining now. You need a menu to be taken from the reception desk. Ask about laundry and be told to pick the clothes yourself.

Ask to talk to the assistant. Oppenbot is asked to sing on the way. Exit the room. Go down the stairs at foreground to hide from Oppenbot.

See Oppenbot talk to Cletus outside room 1 while Rufus sneaks out the door. Go to the receptionist and ask to see the menu.

Rufus is asked to sign a waiver. Automatically Rufus hides when Oppenbot is heard. Use the intercom again and order food for room 1.

Learn that food is served at 12 on the dot at the restaurant. Go to hallway. Change to Cletus clothes by right clicking the clothes in inventory.

Rufus automatically wears Cletus clothes. As costumed Rufus; enter room 5. Doc and Bozo hide from Cletus.

Take the screwdriver from Doc's table. Go to the restaurant. Use the screwdriver on the nut on the wall twice. This turns the clock to 12 noon.

The receptionist calls Cletus to tell him his food is ready. Cletus comes down and turns in his key to room 1. Cletus goes to the restaurant.

Get the plasma exchange whoop dee doo mammoth fur relay:. The receptionist gives a key. Go to room 1 and try to use the given key. It is the wrong key - it is room 9 key since the clock-key holder was turned.

Go back to the receptionist. Show room 9 key to the receptionist. Cletus finished eating and goes to the reception desk. Automatically costumed Rufus hides at the restaurant but first tells the receptionist to give his opinion about something before giving his room key.

Immediately, turn the nut twice to mix the key holder again. Cletus gets the wrong key. Turn the nut twice again to put the key holder and clock in the correct position.

Go back to the receptionist and tell him you got the wrong key again. Give him room 5 key. Get room 1 key. Oppenbot notices strange things going on.

Go to room 1. Use the key and enter. Take the bag from the floor that has the plasma exchange whoop dee doo mammoth fur relay.

Take care of Cletus:. Hide in the closet right of door and behind the mirror. Cletus says he needs to remove the taste of the food at the restaurant from his mouth.

He has a bowl of champagne truffles. Take the mothballs and carpet cleaner from the closet shelves.

Combine the toothpaste with the warning label and the carpet cleaner to get chloroform toothpaste. Smell-check the chloroform toothpaste in inventory.

Look close at mirror and see 2 screws holding the back of the mirror. Use the screwdriver to remove the bottom right screw.

Replace the toothpaste on the shelf with the chloroform toothpaste. Back out from close-up with the arrow at right of screen. See that the air ends up above the bowl beside Cletus.

Use the mothballs on the air conditioning pipe. Mothball drops on the bowl and Cletus eats the mothball. Cletus brushes his teeth. Look close at mirror.

Move the mirror. Copy his movements. Check the small arrows at top left of the bar at left. It shows the direction of the toothbrush movement: up, down and around.

Place the cursor a bit below Cletus' toothbrush to watch his movement. Time the rotation similar to the rotation of Cletus' toothbrush.

Get the bar to the right. When successfully done, Rufus realizes that he was using the chloroform toothpaste on himself.

Rufus passes out. Cletus looks through the mirror to see Rufus. The mirror drops down and hits his head.

Cletus is knocked unconscious to the shower. Give Oppenbot a bag. Of course, Rufus realizes that he gave the wrong bag.

Go to reception and automatically talks to the receptionist. Cletus calls from his room. Rufus talks to Cletus. When Cletus arrives, Rufus hides and automatically gets the other bag.

Musical doors:. Rufus gets upset upon realizing that he was given a useless task to get him out of the way. Rufus leaves the room. Goal tries to defend Rufus to Doc and Bozo.

They talk to costumed Rufus. Goal follows Rufus. Cletus comes out of his room. Donna should think that Cletus is Rufus. They should see each other in the hallway.

The cursor becomes active when it is costumed Rufus in the hallway. Note: Goal enters the dark room when she sees Argus and Cletus. Goal goes down when she sees Donna.

Argus follows Donna in dark room. Rufus should stay away from Donna as much as possible. As soon as control of Rufus is possible, enter : Doc's room room 5 , dark room Ghost room , dark room, closet, stairs at foreground and dark room.

If mistake is done - start over after Donna beats up Rufus in the closet. Donna beats up Cletus in the closet.

Bailiff Argus sees costumed Rufus and Goal at the hallway. They are to go back to Porta Fisco to catch the last highboat to Elysium. Rufus convinces Goal to go and do the ruse.

Organon cruiser cabin:. Rufus and Goal are now on the way to Porta Fisco. Rufus is still mad at Doc and Bozo.

Goal writes her report to the Council. She asks Rufus to go to bed. Look around. Take the letter opener beside Goal. Press the top drawer button right of Goal.

Take Cletus' shoes from the open drawer at right wall. Push to close the drawer. Check the air duct above the drawer.

It leads to the interior of the cruiser. Open the closet left of the drawer to see Cletus' clothes. Open the door and talk to the guard.

The guests are told to remain in their cabins. There are intruders - Deponian rebels that might have gained access to the cruiser.

Open the door left of exit door to see a coffee dispenser. Get a cup of coffee. Go to bed. Rufus takes his clothes off and calls Goal. Rufus learns that the room is filmed by security cameras.

He realizes that he has to get to the computer core to erase the film because he took off his disguise. Climb up to the duct.

See the computer core. Go back. Remove the guard:. Place Cletus' shoes under the clothes. Remove the mattress from the bed.

Take the slatted frame. Use the slatted frame on the open air duct. Ask him to check the room again. He sees the opened clothes closet and the shoes.

He checks where the intruder went and climbs the slatted frame. Use the top button to open the drawer. The guard under the slatted frame falls in the open bed.

Push the bed button to hide the bed on the wall. You can check on the guard if you want. Locate the computer core :. Exit the room and see a doormat in front of the room.

Go around to see if Rufus can find the computer core. He just goes around in circles. Go back to the room with the doormat.

Look around the computer core and check the terminals. See a very clean floor mat below the air duct. Use coffee on the doormat.

A tidybot comes and cleans the mat. Check and talk to the tidybot. See that it even has a cup holder. Go back to the room and outside.

Pour coffee on the doormat outside the room. The tidybot comes and cleans the coffee. Use the coffee cup on the tidybot.

Use the knife to make holes on the coffee cup. Now the coffee cup drips. Go back inside and get another cup of coffee. Go to the air duct again.

Pour coffee on the computer core room doormat again. The tidybot comes to clean again. See that the coffee cup on the tidybot is empty.

Pour coffee on the tidybot's empty coffee cup. If you don't, the tidy bot will clean the trail of coffee he makes. Go back outside the room and follow the trail of coffee.

Meet the tidybot cleaning his trail of coffee. If you did not add coffee to the empty cup earlier, you will have to start over. Go to the computer core room.

Distract the security cameras:. Goal follows Rufus to the room. Goal knows what Rufus is up to. Goal says that the cameras cover only in 45 deg angle.

The squares are colored by the camera that can see it. The cameras are 3 yellows, 2 reds and 3 blues. Dann wieder rechts hoch und dann links runter.

Es folgt eine Videosequenz und finden uns auf dem Organonkreuzer wieder. Indem wir mehrfach auf die Kette klicken, "klettern" wir auf das Schiff und finden unseren Koffer.

Es befinden sich Proviant und Socken darin. Mist, den Seitenschneider hätte man ja doch brauchen können — nämlich um den Eingang in den Kreuzer freizuschneiden.

Mit dem Proviant verdrecken wir die laufenden Zahnräder. Sobald er wieder verschwindet, öffnen wir die Klappe und nehmen den Arm heraus.

The Machine has nothing to do with this it is poor game design. For the game to be out as long as it has, and there is a sequel, with this not addressed is kinda sad and very frustrating.

Boo, I say Originally posted by zapata :. Hi mschol, I did have the levers right. I confirmed by finally going to multiple walkthroughs.

I proceded to do it that way about 10 more times and had the Organan minions cut-scene every single time. It still would not complete. It would automatically turn my cart around the moment it entered the top down view of the tracks.

Definitely buggy. I ran through it a few times, then finally got the cutscene with the troopers. The acheivement flashed up too. But the cart came right back at the first turn.

So I tried changing the switches, a few different times, and finally saw the cart go through some of the maze. I set the switches back to the one that was right, and it went through the cutscene, then part of the maze, but came back out to the viaduct.

Rufus benutzt die Kurbel und wir bekommen unser Kaffeepulver. Nehmt die Spraydose davor auf und benutzt sie im Inventar mit dem Feuerzeug, um daraus einen KartenmischgerГ¤t Flammenwerfer zu fertigen. Die zehn populärsten Artikel der Woche, immer freitags zur Mittagspause! Kategorien :.
Deponia Tipps

Dies ist Deponia Tipps nicht das Baccarat Secrets wie ein echter Zufallsgenerator (Computer, aber wenn die Deponia Tipps 50. - Aller Anfang ist schwer

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Deponia Tipps Date Posted: 16 Aug, am. Global Achievements. Action Adventure exploration shooter. I have the correct sequence of the yellow, red and green levers, and the 2 switches thanks to some walkthroughs but all the minecart does is go to the first green thing, do a u-turn Braunschweig Trainer come back every time. It seems like an Engine-Bug here which occur on some machines Fill the plumber's tankard again and this time, mix it with the mushroom. Die dünne Taube versucht sich am Mahjong Connect 2 Kostenlos Paket und scheitert - gut für uns, denn nun haben Www.Deutsche Postcode Lotterie.De Knitterfolie. Rufus Romme Palast the room. He says it doesn't taste Deponia Tipps the yummy mushroom swill. He would not give the picture of Elysium. The cover goes down and seals Rufus inside. Only one will have the nucleic acid to get Goal to mature. Give the fez to June. Wir gehen wieder zur Fluchtkapsel, bauen den Briefkasten auf die Schienen und geben die Batterie hinein. Check the wrapped body on the ceiling. See Hermes commit suicide. Unsere Komplettlösung für Deponia mit zahlreichen Tipps bringt euch problemlos durch das Adventure aus dem Hause Daedalic. Deponia Cheats und Tipps: Komplettlösung, Unsere Komplettlösung hilft bei der Flucht vom Müllplaneten. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. für solche mit Symbol. Mehr Infos. Deponia · Übersicht · News · Artikel · Test · Tipps+Cheats · Komplettlösung · Fragen. Deponia 1 - Lösung - Mit dieser Lösung greifen wir Euch bei dem Computerspiel 'Deponia' Dadurch bekommen wir einige Tipps für den Zusammenbau der.