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E-commerce SEO: The Ultimate Checklist for New Websites

Generally, starting a new website is an intimidating process. All of you want that your site looks perfect. However, if there is no one visiting it then what’s the point in having a pleasant site? Well, to boost your sales, get profit, increase awareness of your brand you need rank on search engines.

Nowadays, reaching the first page in search isn’t enough. You must have rank #1 and for this, you have to put much effort into improving your site with making use of the different and latest techniques. If you want to increase the awareness of your brand ahead from your competitors then you have to improve your search engine optimization.

In terms of the search engine, if you don’t have strong and enough SEO strategy in place, you are losing out your sales, clicks, and impressions. To improve the rank of your e-commerce website, go through the below steps of checklist for New websites:

1.     Research:

Whether it is on-site or off-site before being any SEO work research is very essential. First, you need to start with a research keyword and competitor search to analyze which type of keyword rank in Google or how your competitors cater to the needs of your targeted audience with their different products. In SEO, research is playing a vital role because if you don’t have enough knowledge about how to do the work you can ruin your campaign by wrong work and generate low-quality conversations. And you also don’t want to do something like that for your business.

 In terms of keywords research there are three components that you need to consider:

  • Find the keywords for your homepage and a product page that considers relevancy, search volume and have low difficulty score.
  • Pinpoints keywords for blog topics and try to make use of long-tail keywords.
  • Most important try to avoid keyword cannibalization, it can occur when multiple pages of the same website trying to rank for the same keyword.
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 In terms of competitor, search figure out the three things:

  • What is your competitor’s main focus keyword?

For Example: Use the SEMush tool to find competitor’s most organic traffic keywords.

  • From where are they getting links?

For Example: Use the Majestic SEO tool to find competitors most top quality links.

  • What is there site structure look likes?

2.     Improve and Test Your Website:

After you create your website you need to ensure that every single link or page of your e-commerce site is working or functioning properly. Most of you ignore this part, but let’s imagine someone visits on your site and clicks on the product to know about it and when they click, it leads to an error page so what will happen? This might cause people to leave your website and search for another. Moreover, you also lose your impressions, sales and brand awareness. So, it is very essential to test and improve your website.

During the test, if you analyze that your website has too many errors and problems, you can easily remove out these issues and make your website usable. When you complete the analyzing or checking your site then test it by click on the links to know that is they lead to the right page or not. If yes, then you don’t have to worry about errors.

3.     Aware of Google Algorithm Updates:

Most you ignore this step but in SEO it plays an important role because Google regularly changes and updates its own search algorithm to bring you the best and relevant search results. So, it is very essential to stay up-to-date with Google algorithm because these changes directly affect your website. To know the regular update of Google algorithms you can make use of Moz. MOZ always keep tracking Google’s all updatesand current research. When you have proper knowledge about all recent updates to do the work, you are potentially able to get the best ranking and experience.

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4.     Initialize the correct Keywords:

The keyword plays a very important role in every business website. It is the best way to drive traffic to your website. With keywords, you can make your website effective and improving your site positions in the Google search engine. For this, the first step you have to identify the right keywords means “not too broad or too competitive”. You need to identify the specific keywords relevant to your brand, products, and company. Moreover, always pick those keywords that are specific and have low completion because too much competitive keyword finds harder to rise in search engines.

5.     Make use of Anchor Tags:

Anchor tags are a powerful online tool that helps you to improve ranking. It is also known as hyperlinks. Basically, it is an HTML tag and used to define the bringing or end of a hyperlink. These tags are very common on the internet and able to provide information and source of the site to reach the link target.

It also helps the users to point to a particular position within a page. Moreover, with this link, you can also link one page to another page but it only appropriate when it looks professional otherwise Google algorithm detects this.  

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