[Essay Writing] How To Avoid Common Mistakes

There are some situations when you will need to do some essay writing. It may seem like a furious task at first, but I assure you that it is not. You just need to keep some rules and principles in mind when writing it and you might just end up a new age Mark Twain

So, keep reading and we will discuss the most important things to keep in mind and the most common mistakes that could be easily avoided.

Copy and paste is not essay writing

Usually we as people like to procrastinate. Sometimes we think that stress will force us to do something good, but in most cases we are just lazy. Anyway we end up rushing. And while rushing to submit an assignment a lot of people tend to just copy and paste various sentences or even paragraphs.

While this had a chance to be good enough for your primary school assignment some time ago, nowadays everybody is able to access some sort of plagiarism checker like Scribbr. So, your rush of essay writing just might end up in disaster and humiliation or even might end up your career if anybody catches you plagiarizing.

It is good to look up some new ideas, but it is morally wrong stealing a part of somebody’s intellectual property. So think twice before using the infamous Ctrl+C Ctrl+V combination.

Plan your thoughts

Essay writing without a solid plan is like traveling without a map. You will see some results, but it will not be the result you wanted. It will be difficult for the reader to understand what you wanted to say and the essay itself will seem like some gibberish.

So first of all you need to define what claim you want your essay to address. Later, try to find some evidence points to support or deny it. After you have done this, you can start writing about each point furthermore proving or denying your original claim. It is that simple.

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If you are still having trouble thinking about what content of your essay could be like, feel free to look at how other people have addressed it. Just do yourself a favor and don’t use copy-paste.

Check your spelling

Okay, so let’s say you have your essay already. Even if it is decent well-written content, you still have one thing to check out. It is spelling and punctuation. Essay writing needs at least close to perfect spelling and punctuation because otherwise, the reader’s eyes might start bleeding.

I’m serious, have you ever read an essay that was full of spelling and/or punctuation errors? No matter how cool these kinds of errors might seem in the hood, it hurts to read an essay that is riddled with mistakes.

But worry no more my friend, because we have easy methods these days. One of them to use some kind of online tool like Grammarly. It will show all your mistakes and suggest how they should or could be fixed.

So, now that you have your essay fully written, let’s move on.

Formatting is important in essay writing

Once more, no matter how good your essay content is, it will not be well received if your formatting is ugly.

Every institution that will ask you for an essay may or may not have detailed formatting instruction. If they have one then hooray, you will not have to think about how you should represent your work. If it does not, then you would be advised to use a basic existing standard for your document.

Probably the most popular format in the last few decades was Times New Roman font 12pt size in black ink on a piece of A4 paper with a proper header, footer and side spaces. However, this type of format may seem quite old fashioned in current times, so you could choose a different one.

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For example, a sans-serif (or sometimes called just sans) font like Calibri or Open Sans would represent the novelty of your work. It may be visually appealing to the generation of this century.

So, choose your formatting carefully as some essays that look ugly do not even get the chance to be read.

Essay writing in short

As mentioned before, the most important things are no plagiarism, planning on what you have to say, proper spelling and punctuation, and appealing formatting. Having these in mind you will write a perfect essay every time.

So, hang in there, take a coffee break if you’d like and keep trying. Good luck!


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