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How to connect Two Router & Use one of them as an extender

This is a guide where we have described the complete procedure to connect two routers and use one of them as an extender. By following this procedure, you will be able to extend the range of your WIFI connection and even increase the number of connections that your connection can handle.


There are two methods that you can use in order to do this. The first one requires an Ethernet cable and the other one is the wireless one. We have described both of them below.


Method 1- Using Ethernet Cable


Simply, follow the steps provided below to connect your routers using an Ethernet cable.


Step 1- Determine the brand and features of both of your routers. Then, select the primary one. We will recommend you to use the better one as the primary router. You can use the other one as a secondary router for extending your original network.


Step 2- Place both of the primary and secondary routers near your Laptop/Computer. This will allow you to easily access these routers while setting them up.


Step 3- There are two protocols that you can follow: LAN-TO-LAN and LAN-TO-WAN. LAN-TO-LAN is a simple protocol that extends the WIFI range and includes the second router. You can also share the files between your computers and smartphones using this procedure.


LAN-TO-WAN can be used to create a second network inside of the main network. You can’t share files using this connection.


Step 4- After that, connect your main router with your secondary router using an ethernet cable and connect your computer with the main router via another ethernet cable.


Step 5- Now, you will have to configure your router. Firstly, enter the IP address of your router in the browser.


Step 6- Then, Set the primary router’s DHCP services between and

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Note:- You can skip this step if you are using the LAN-TO-WAN connection.


After configuring the router, disconnect the router from your computer system.


Step 7- Now, it is time to configure the second router. You can do this by changing the IP address of the second router. Change it in a way that the second-last digit increases by one number. For example:- becomes Then, make sure that the “Subnet mask” number matches the IP address of your primary router. After that, disable UPnP on your second router.


Step 8- After configuring the second router, you will have to configure the DHCP server of your secondary router. In a LAN-TO-LAN Network, it should be turned off and In a LAN-TO-WAN network, it should be set in between and


Step 9- The next step is to change the wireless channels of both of the routers. Just set the primary router to any channels from 1 to 6 and the secondary router should be set 11.


Step 10- Now, simply place your routers wherever you need and connect both of them through an Ethernet cable. In the case of a LAN-TO-WAN network, plugin one of the ends of the ethernet cable into the WAN port of the second router.


Method 2- Using Wireless method


Step 1- Place both of the routers close to your computer system so that you can configure them easily. Also, make sure that the routers that you are selecting are compatible with this method. They need to be capable of creating their own network.


Step 2- Connect both of the routers to each other via an Ethernet cable and connect the primary one with your computer system using another ethernet cable.


Step 3- Then, configure your primary router. You can do this by opening the configuration panel of your WIFI network.

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Step 4- After that, visit the configuration page of the secondary router, log in with your credentials and open the “Wireless” setup page.


Step 5- Enable the Bridge mode by going to the “Connection Type” menu.


Step 6- In the IP address section, enter the IP address that is in the range of the primary network.


Step 7- Lastly, create a unique name for your secondary router and put it in the SSID section.


You are now all set to place the secondary router anywhere and it will start working as an extender!






if anything Goes sideways Please Reset the Router & Try Again . In this guide, we discussed two methods that you can use to connect two routers and use of them as an extender. In case you have any queries, you can put them in the comments section.

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