How to insert a pdf into a word document

Why is Microsoft Word so popular?

Microsoft Word was first introduced in 1983 and changed the way workplaces work. Since then, she has evolved into a better, more practical version of herself. It has always been a game changer. Over time, it has appeared in better performing versions of itself, giving users more freedom. You can find many pdf files

Stress-free file sharing

Today, we can use Microsoft Word online as well as through google docs. Sharing .docx files online has become faster and more convenient, of course, but also because of compressing files and saving your documents online in your google account. If you know your way around the network and Microsoft software tools, running documents makes your work life less stressful.

Microsoft is by far the most popular and most used software in the entire world.

1.Easy to learn and use.

2.It provides a variety of options for its users to choose from.

3.Easy to share

4.stress-free to work on

4.Ways to use .docx and .pdf files in one document

There are times when you need to work with different software options and combine them into one. If that’s why you’re here, let’s discuss another commonly used file format for PDF. Read the following lines to understand how to insert pdf into word.

What is PDF?

The most popular format for sharing files online is PDF, which is short for “Portable Document Format.

It is a file format that is intended to share documents that cannot be changed. In simple words, documents are saved as read-only and shared with a.Pdf extension. With this format, the immutable report can be shared and printed.

Insert pdf into word document

It’s easy to use a pdf file if you know the right tricks. Depending on the use of single data, you can open it in word in binary forms. There are two ways to open pdf files in Microsoft Word.

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Open a pdf file as an image
Create an editable version of the pdf

Insert PDF as an image in a Word document (not editable)

It’s not rocket science. If you know how to work in a word document, it will feel a breeze. Follow these simple steps to open pdf file in word document,

Open the word document in which you want to insert the pdf file.
Click the Insert button on the taskbar
in the drop down menu, click the object button
Finally, open the From File button a
popup menu will open, select the pdf file you want to add and click the insert button at the bottom of the list.
Your PDF is now added to your word document.

Note: This is a very easy way to insert pdf into word. Through this method, you can cut and resize the pdf image. Nut, you will not have permission to modify the contents of the pdf.

Add PDF as a Word file in the document (editable)

To convert your pdf file into a format that can be read with a word, you need to have a little knowledge of light tools. Nothing complicated if you know it. To use a pdf file in editable word format, you will need a software converter. One way to buy such software. The other easy and fairly cheap way is to use an online document format converter.

Convert file format in online program

Search for pdf to word converters on Google, you will find plenty of results to complete your work. Smallpdf is one program that will do this for free. Mostly the steps are the same where you are

Upload your pdf file into the converter
, click on convert
and then download the converted version of your document.
Now you have a readable word document in your hands. You can edit and change it as you like.

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Insert PDF into Word with Google Docs

The workplace is changing and so is the work ethic. This is the era of online communication. There are a lot of companies and people who love to work online these days. These people use Google Docs as a workstation instead of the regular Microsoft word. The difference is that instead of saving Word documents to your system, you can keep them online in google drive.

It’s a new way to work and keep your documents close at hand on any device. A more practical and more portable way to carry your solution. The steps are simple. Follow these instructions,

The first and most important step is to sign in to your Google Drive account. For this, you should always remember your password.
Go to My Drive and choose Mount Files in the dropdown menu.
Now right click on the pdf file, a menu will open.
Choose Open With, then click Google Docs.

When the document is open, tap the File option in the taskbar. Download select microsoft word.
Note: This method may take some time, depending on how fast your internet connection is.

professional advice

If your pdf file is large, it will take a long time to send it to the respective recipients. It will also take up more space in your system. To deal with this problem, you can reduce the size of your pdf file.


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