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How to strikethrough on Google Docs

Sometimes there are parts of the documentation that I’m not sure about. Whether you need these fonts or documents in your documents. To deal with the situation when you do not want to delete the content but still keep it, “Google Strikethrough Google Docs” is the best option. A strikethrough option google docs is useful for you when you are confused about the content. In this, you can draw a line in the choice of text in the content or document. This line indicates that the underlined partition should be ignored, but it does not need to be erased or deleted. By doing this, you can have the content when you need it later. There is multi-format text that has strikethrough features. If you’re on Google Doc and looking for strikethrough text features in a google document, get ready to learn how.

Via google docs strikethrough guide, you can select and underline text via the strikethrough features of Google Docs.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs

To implement strikethrough in google docs, you need to open google docs first. Here is a simple way to skip text in Google Doc. By this, you can use the strikethrough feature to any selected text in the document. Here are some steps you need to follow.

Open your Google Doc file

For this you first need to open the document for which you need strikethrough.

Select Content and Text

Once you open the required documents, select the desired fonts or text. In the other word, choose the text you want to draw the line or strikethrough. After that, on the body of the document, anywhere you like. There is no specific place to click on the text of the document. In the document, the object holds “Ctrl + A” simultaneously on the keyboard.

Look for the format option

Once you do Ctrl + A, find the Format tab. The Format tab is in the toolbar at the top.

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Look for a strikethrough option

When you click on Format, you will see multiple options. You must check the strikethrough option. Or you can press Alt + Shift + 5 directly to perform the strikethrough feature.

How to remove strikethrough text

If you want to remove the strikethrough, you can perform this procedure by following the above steps by selecting the text with strikethrough an initial step.

Quick way to hack google text documents

If it’s not safe for you, the above stripping method is not safe and you’re looking for a quick and easy way to hack text, then here it is. Using strikethrough options in Google Docs is not a cup of cake for most users. Most of them are still unaware of these features. Due to a bit tricky style, they avoid strikethroughs in google docs. But still, there are people out there, so I like to center the text. But after reading this method, you will start using the strikethrough feature of Google Doc. Here’s how to draw a line under started or unimportant text faster. If you are not into the next method as mentioned earlier, then this method will definitely make you use these features in Google Doc.

Do you know that there is a keyboard shortcut to strikethrough? So open google docs and get ready to mediate in google docs.

Select the desired text

If you want to use the keyboard method for lining the text, you need to pre4ss the buttons on the keyboard. First, select the text. Then press Alt + Shift + 5 on your keyboard. If you are looking for step-by-step guides, stick to the blog.

Step by step for a quick blow through text

Highlight text

Use your mouse or pointer to highlight the text you want to enter.

Press the keys simultaneously

The selected content or text must contain a drawn font.

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How to reverse google docs strikethrough

This step also works in the opposite direction. If you have strikethrough text in your document and want to reverse the action, you can do that. The step is the same as the strikethrough. For this highlight, strikethrough the desired text from the document while holding Alt + Shift + 5 simultaneously. This will remove the line drawn through it.

From now on, sweating through google docs is no longer difficult. Follow these methods to make your documents comfortable to read.


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