Important Steps To Create A Website With WordPress

Do you have a business idea? Want to create a personal website or blog? This article is for you if you want to build your first website yourself without programming knowledge. It gives you a clear and easy path for beginners to help you build your website not wasting a lot of time. Let’s start to the most important actions to create a website using a WordPress

Creating a website is not difficult. This requires a clear plan and tools which helps to save your time.

The steps you need to make before starting to create a website

  • How to start building a website?;
  • Where and how to purchase site address (domain);
  • Ordering and installing WordPress site to the hosting or doing by yourself (what is WordPress?);
  • Choose the design of your website;
  • Creating a Sitemap;
  • Writing site texts and taking photos;
  • Creating a Contact Form;
  • Creating “About Us”, “Contacts” and “Services” pages and product placement (depends on content)
  • Tips on Website Maintenance, SEO and more.

Where to start creating your website

Every successful project starts with planning and preparation. First, you will have to answer questions that are important to your business. This will save you time and make the process clearer and allow you to achieve better results.

What type of clients are you focusing on?

When creating a website, developers often make the mistake because they are not taken into account if it is going to be the user friendly. But if you are creating a website to make money, to have more customers, present your services and goods to others. Why would not it make sense to design a website for people who would be happy to buy your goods or services?

Who is now buying your goods or services? What is your client’s age, gender, education, income, place of residence, occupation, specialty? What problems and questions do customers encounter when purchasing goods/services? What are your customer’s needs and goals?

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What is the purpose of your website

Every site should have a clear purpose and every page on it should lead the visitor towards it. Do you want that customers order your services? to call to a sales manager? to come to your physical store? subscribe to the newsletter? fill out the quote form?

Think about how a website can help you achieve your business goals and what those goals should be.
The goals should now be split into two parts:

Main goal: If your site visitors could only perform one important action, what would it be?
For example, I am offering website creation services, my goal is that the client would fill the quote form of his needs regarding the website.

Related Goals: What should a visitor do on each page to achieve the main goal of your site?
I would show my services information and already created websites – making the first good impression.

What makes your business exclusive?

The purpose of each site is to sell and make an impact. Sales can be seen as a desire to buy your goods or services, visit a physical store, subscribe to a newsletter, read your articles or even share your page on social networks.

Take a piece of paper and write down your highlights and achievements. This will help you when writing texts about your services.

Who are your main competitors?

Who provides the same services like yours? Visit their websites to get inspiration.

Try looking at a competitor’s website as a “sales manager”. What are the main goals of their website? How do they present themselves? What they kind of texts and other things on their websites.

What elements must be on your website?

WordPress makes it easy to add various elements (also called plugins), but it is important to decide what you really need right now at the start of your development.

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Perhaps at this point, only a photo gallery and contact form will suffice for you? The fewer items you need, the faster you’ll start. You can always add and improve your site.

Divide all elements into two:

Useful elements: These are needed to allow the visitor to reach your desired goal. If the goal is to fill out a contact form, then you really need one.
Fun to have: a newsletter box that pops up with the click of a button … or the ability to buy products featured in the photo.

Images for your website

It is hard to imagine a website without photos and other visuals. Now is the time to select them and put them in different folders on your computer so that you can easily find and upload them to your site as you create your site.

How much time you can spend creating your website?

There are many articles and videos on the Internet that can create a website with WordPress in an hour or even evening. On the one side, they are right. For example, you can install the latest version of WordPress in less than one hour and you can continue to build your site.

But most of the time is spent on content development and hosting. Sometimes the description of the service can take from a few minutes to several hours or even days.

After reading the most important actions to create a website you are now ready to start!



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