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IPad is Disabled Connect to ITunes [Solved]

Your iPad is disabled connect to iTunes is the message you are getting on the screen. When this situation appears, it is very frustrating annoying sometimes. And you are unable to do anything.  iPad is disabled and won’t connect to iTunes makes you frustrating. Although you have tried all the fixation and noting works. The question here is what to do in such scenarios. Before getting into the fixation process, you need to understand the disabled iPod. Why does this happen?

Why the iPad become disabled?

Before you are running to the solution, let’s found out the reason why the iPad becomes disabled. One of the reasons that ipad or iPod become disabled is the wrong password more than a recommended time. So if you faced an  issuesthat iPad is disabled connect to iTunes message, you need to erase the setting and content with the laptop.

There is a system in the iPad and iPod that when you enter the wrong password consecutively five times. It will lock the pads or temporarily disabled the iPad. The reason for doing is to protect your information, data, and stop another person from finding out the passcode or password.

Whatever is the reason such forget the password or third person accessing your ipad, there is fix to deal with iPad is disabled connect to iTunes. If you are afraid that you do not have the backup, then relax. Here you will also find the data that you have saved to i-cloud.

how to connect to iTunes when the iPad is disabled?

Without out any further delay, let’s find out about how to connect to iTunes when the iPad is disabled. There are a few steps by which you can access your iPad easily. When your iPad is disabled, you will see this message on the screen” try again after 15 minuts.” For this, you can wait for 15 minutes and re-enter your password. Sometimes you forget your passcode or the password. After 15 minutes, re-enter the passcode. Remember one thing time you see on the screen after entering the wrong password will increase.

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When you exceed the limit of entering the passcode, you will see this message on the screen “Connect To iTunes, the question here is how to do that? But the good news is that you can do this by restoring setting and content using its Recovery Mode. Recovery mode is the best way to fix the issues because, it offer the backup, other wise you will lose messages, video, photo, and each thing on your iPod or iPad.


If you are looking to erase the iPad or iPod, you require a PC running an iTunes or macOS Catalina. Do you do not have a laptop or PC, and then you need to visit the nearest Apple Store or borrow one from your friends? To access the laptop or pc then get ready to fix the issues” iPad is disabled.”


how to connect to iTunes when iPad is disabled

Here you will find now how to fix the disabled iPod or Ipad that show error “Connect to iTunes.” so, follow the below-mentioned steps now

The 1st Step

First, you need to switch off the iPod or iPad. For this, you need to hold the Volume button and Top Button . When you press it simultaneously, your iPad will turn off.

The 2nd Step

After this, you need to press Top Button and Hold Button while iPad is connecting to the Laptop or Pc. for this; you again need to hold the top and hold Button simultaneously.

The 3rd Step

When you hold the top and home button, do not un-hold it until you see Recovery Mode on the computer screen.

The 4th Step

Once the recovery mode appears on the computer screen, next, you tick the iPad. After selecting the iPad click restore

The 5th Step

Once you click the restore button, you will lose all of your un-stored data. So you need to get the backup of your files.

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Remember: iTunes and Finders will allow you to download the new IPadOs version. If this process takes more than 15 minutes, you need to follow the steps mentioned above to get access to Recovery Mode.

How to avoid the “Connect to iTunes” situation.

You need to enter the passcode or password correctly. If you enter the passcode wrong, then the iPad becomes disabled. Usually, most of you wait for a few minutes later again enter the passcode. But while re-entering, make you do not enter the wrong passcode. Because if you keep on entering the wrong passcode, your iPod and iPad become permanently disabled. So it is the action taken by iPad to protect your files from unknown people.

The step mentioned above will surely help you to connect to the iPad. iPad is disabled connect to iTunes; yes, it makes you worry, but if you follow the easy steps, you can get access to the iPad. What else you need to do is back up your files, photos, videos, and other essential data first.

The next question is, can’t we use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the iPad? But sometimes it still requires a passcode to unlock the iPad, this regularly happen when you restart the device or software updating. So try not to forget the passcode.

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