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Top 7 Free VPN Services For Mobile & PC In 2022

Note: There is a reason why free VPNs cost nothing. In some way you pay. You deserve better than data restrictions, annoying ads, and malicious malware. We tested more than 100 free VPNs and found 7 that have high speeds, streaming speeds, and trusted security features.

Online data protection is a right and that’s why you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Our 7 best free VPN guarantee safe and anonymous surfing and you don’t have to pay anything. There are no hidden costs. You just have to download the VPN and connect to it.

It is usually clear when you choose a free or commercial product. Why should you pay for something when you can get it for free, right? With VPNs, however, things are not so clear, because somehow you will pay in one way or another. With free VPNs, you may pay at low speeds, annoying advertisements, dangerous malware, or in the worst case, your data may be stolen.

The Obvious Trick That Free VPNs Take Advantage Of Free Versions

VPN providers rely on a simple trick: the free version is slimmed down so that you should be convinced by the commercial one. If you are just annoyed by loading times, server restrictions and restricted access to Netflix, then you are probably more willing to pay for a complete service.

The better free VPN providers are almost as good. They are so good that you might not even want to upgrade. If you use the free VPNs recommended by us, you have the following advantages:

  • You can access geo-blocked content (that is, content that is blocked in your location)
  • You get very high speeds
  • You know that your data will not be logged

The best free VPNs

  1. NordVPN: Ideal if you travel less than a month or want to experiment with a VPN
  2. Hotspot Shield: Stable, fast and established VPN if you don’t want to stream
  3. Windscribe: Ideal if you like streaming and don’t have a problem with loading times
  4. Good choice if you don’t need a VPN for torrents
  5. Proton: Secure VPN with unlimited data, but no torrents are allowed
  6. Opera: Great and free VPN, but it only works in the browser
  7. TunnelBear: Good choice if your focus is on security and you don’t need a lot of data

Where’s The Catch With Free VPNs?

Most free VPNs have restrictions. The number of servers may be limited, speeds may be slow, or data consumption may be limited. More than 65% of the free VPNs we tested don’t let you stream or prohibit torrent downloads. Some deliberately slow down speeds. You don’t pay for the service, but the user experience is rather frustrating.

With free VPNs, it seems that you get the product just like that. The reality is different because you could be the product. Many users have told us that free VPNs stole their personal information and sold it to third parties.

This creates another problem. Even if a free VPN should help you stay anonymous, only really good services do it. Unfortunately, many free VPNs are a security risk.

However, your data can only be sold if it is saved. Many free services have no so-called logs policy. This means the data can be tracked and this is a risk to your privacy. The free services are also notorious for spam, advertising, and malware.

What We Found Out About Free VPNs

We tested several hundred free VPN services and some of them felt that they were too good to be true. That’s why we became skeptical and did a little more research.

Unfortunately, we found that many free VPNs come from China and even belong to them. This is exactly this Chinese government that is implementing very strict censorship! In the privacy policy, some even state that user data is logged and shared with third parties. That is shocking, to say the least. To protect your privacy, stay away from VPNs owned by China.

There is another important reason why you should stay away from free VPNs. Companies know that customers prefer the easy way. They believe that if you use the restricted service, you will later upgrade to the full version, which of course costs money.

The problem with it? The best free VPN doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best-paid VPN. In any case, it doesn’t mean the best value for money. Many providers of free services have a fairly expensive package with not so good functions. There are no free trial versions of other services, but the packages are more attractive and the functions are better. If you stick to the providers you are already familiar with, you might end up paying more for less . Instead of a top VPN, you only get a mediocre one.

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1. NordVPN: First-Class Premium VPN For Free

For 30 days you get our top rated VPN for free – no restrictions on servers, streaming and torrents

Strictly speaking, NordVPN is not free. It is a premium VPN that includes some of the most advanced features on the market. So why is it in our list of top-rated free VPNs?

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and no questions are asked. That means you can try the service for free for a month and that’s completely risk-free.

This is ideal if you only need a VPN for a short time. If you’re on the road for less than a month, you can use NordVPN to bypass censorship and geographic locks.

It’s also a great option to stream without restrictions. In addition, you get excellent security features without having to subscribe to an expensive package. After all, you want to know why people like to use VPNs and best of all without having to pay. In any case, you shouldn’t take a slow, unreliable program, even if it doesn’t cost anything.

Try NordVPN instead. If you like it as much as these users, keep it simple. If you don’t like it, just quit.

NordVPN Is Available For The Following Devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome and Firefox

Advantages of NordVPN:

  • Unlocks Netflix reliably and you never miss an episode
  • Has more than 5100 servers in 60 countries
  • Guaranteed high-speed connections
  • It offers advanced security protocols and military-grade encryption. There is also an emergency stop button
  • Ensures complete privacy and the country of the headquarters is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance

2. Hotspot Shield

No credit card is required and speeds are high. The data is limited to 500 MB per day

Hotspot Shield is our readers’ first choice when it comes to free VPN. It offers very high speeds, encryption according to military standards and guarantees safe surfing.

Hotspot Shield is compatible with all operating systems. There is a no-logs policy and dedicated technical customer service. You can access geo-blocked content from anywhere, no matter which device you use.

With the free version, you only have 500 MB of data available per day. While that’s not enough to stream Netflix or download torrents, it’s enough for safe surfing on the go.

You can only assign one device to your free Hotspot Shield account and access to the servers is severely restricted. Furthermore, the free version is financed by advertising and you will see plenty of it!

Hotspot Shield Is Available On The Following Devices:

  • Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Chrome

Advantages Of The Free Version

  • Fast connections ensure that there are no long loading times
  • No logs policy means that your browsing history is safe
  • Military-grade encryption protects your online activities

Disadvantages Of The Free Version

  • No streaming means that you miss your favorite series
  • The data is limited to 500 MB per day (this corresponds to a few YouTube videos)
  • A lot of advertising means a lot of interruptions

3. Windscribe

Generous data volume of 10 GB, supports torrents and is always free of charge

Due to the generous data volume, Windscribe is one of our top VPNs here. Users of free accounts get 10 GB of data each month. If you twitter about the company you get an additional 5 Gbytes. If you refer friends, you can also “win” 1 additional GB per month.

Windscribe supports torrents on most servers.

Both the users of the free and paid version of Windscribe have access to all functions of the provider, including ROBERT. This is an ad and malware blocker. The company provides a detailed privacy policy. It explains in detail what is stored and what is not and also the no-logs policy. Windscribe also points out modern encryption and security features.

Windscribe offers a desktop application and browser extensions. The interface of the program is user-friendly. You can reach customer service in several ways. This includes a live chat and installation instructions.

Windscribe Is Available On The Following Devices:

  • macOS, iPhone, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox

Advantages Of The Free Version

  • Supports torrents and thus you have unlimited access to your content

Disadvantages Of The Free Version

  • Data is limited to 10 GB per month (which is more generous than most other free offers)
  • Fewer servers than the full version
  • VPN stores some data while you are connected


Only 2 GB of data, supports torrents offers a reliable free service with some restrictions. You get 2 GB of free data per month. All the advantages of hiding .me’s security protocols are available to you and you can connect to a total of five countries. Only one of these servers is located in Europe.

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Unfortunately, you get with not have access to Netflix. This is torrents supported and therefore the service for users is quite popular. believes that free is free, so users of such accounts are not penalized. You can contact the technical customer service 24/7 and surf ad-free. has a strict no-logs policy, strong encryption and multiple logs to choose from. This guarantees your security and privacy. Is Available On The Following Devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire OS and it can be installed on a router

Advantages Of The Free Version

  • Good connection speeds for fast charging and surfing
  • A no-logs policy ensures that your data is always protected
  • Lifetime free service means you never have to pay anything

Disadvantages Of The Free Version

  • Only 2 GB of data is available per month
  • There is the only access to a limited number of servers
  • Restricted bandwidth means that surfing and playing content is limited

5. ProtonVPN

Servers are limited, but bandwidth is not

ProtonVPN offers a great premium service , but the free PN seems a bit trite. There are no restrictions on the data on one device, but the speeds are visibly reduced and this could cause problems.

You can’t watch Netflix with such a ProtonVPN account. The service offers various servers that are optimized for torrents. However, the free accounts have limited access to countries with servers that support P2P.

ProtonVPN offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface as well as compatibility with many platforms. The users love that. The company offers strong security features, including powerful encryption and protocols. This means that your browsing activities remain secure and the data private and protected.

ProtonVPN Is Available On The Following Devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux

Advantages Of The Free Version

  • Unlimited data means that you are always protected no matter what you do
  • No-logs directive and Swiss laws ensure maximum security
  • Great security features keep you safe

Disadvantages Of The Free Version

  • Reduced server network and access to only three countries
  • Low speeds mean slow loading and surfing
  • No torrents or streaming. That’s why you can’t access your favorite entertainment

6. Opera

Unlimited surfing, free of charge for life

Opera is not a VPN service in itself. The provider develops web browsers and wants to make the internet open, free and secure.

The Opera Browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Android. The software contains a built-in ad blocker and an integrated VPN, as well as malware protection and other data protection functions. The VPN function disguises your identity and you can surf anonymously. This is particularly useful in public WLANs.

Read what real Opera users think.

7. TunnelBear

Powerful security, lifelong free of charge, only 500 MByte bandwidth per month

If you are new to VPNs, the free version of Tunnelbear is an excellent option to get started. Our readers love the user-friendly interface, which is adorned with animated bears. You can connect to servers in more than 22 countries and the connection speeds are decent.

TunnelBear takes security and anonymity very seriously. The VPN has been independently checked, uses AES 256-bit encryption and guarantees that no data is logged. This means your data will never be saved and your identity will always remain private.

With a free account from TunnelBear, you only get 500 MB of data per month (but you can tweet about the company and then there is 1 GB additional). The VPN doesn’t work with Netflix and other streaming websites, so it doesn’t help access geo-restricted video content.

TunnelBear Is Available On The Following Devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Advantages Of The Free Version

  • Good connection speeds ensure short loading times when surfing
  • No logging and powerful encryption ensures that you are always protected
  • Ad-free service means minimal interruptions

Disadvantages Of The Free Version

  • No streaming means that television and music are not possible on the go
  • Data is limited to only 500 MB per month
  • A small server network compared to other VPN providers


The bottom line is there are some good free VPNs out there. However, even the most secure services are not without risk. The best free services cannot compete with commercial variants.

A premium service offers improved security and better protection. There is also support for streaming and torrents. In contrast to the free VPNs that restrict data, premium VPNs give you unlimited data. You also have access to more servers in more countries and the connection speeds are faster.

The best thing about the top premium VPNs is that you can test them for free. Most have a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. You can use it to ensure that the service is 100% right for you.

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