Virtual Private Networks (VPN) How it works?

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) How it works

You have probably heard of a vpn before, its even possible you’ve used one before but do you know how it works?

What is a VPN?

A vpn stands for virtual private network which basically means it gives privacy online, Orginally vpn was been used in big organisation or government that wants to secure their data other wise were at risk of hacking or loss of data, Nowadays Vpn are used by everyone specifically cause it ensures your location is private, your data is encrypted and can surf the web anonymously.

How it works?

Connecting a VPN is really simple . After downloading the VPN software install it on your device ,add your subcription then activate the VPN , Connect to the server you want and the VPN will do its work

When the connection is achieved, This is what happens during the connection:

1. The VPN application on your device encrypts data traffic and send it to the server through a secured route. The data sent will go through the internet service provider (ISP) , but they wont be able to access the data because of the VPN encryption.

2. The encrypted data coming from your device is decrypted on getting to the VPN server.

3. The VPN server will send the data to the internet and receive a  respond which is meant for the user.

4. The data is then encrypted by the VPN and then sent back to you.

5. The VPN software will decrypt the data so the owner of the device can actually understand and use it.

The VPN software runs in the background of your device. Your internet will be accessible normally and will not notice something different.

The Advantages  of a VPN :

There are different reasons why you should use a VPN. The main reasons are anonymously surfing the web safety and privacy , we’ll talk about the main reasons below:

1: Anonymously surfing the web:

Without a VPN your identity and location can be traced or taken record of without stress, Thanks to IP address . An IP address is unique to the web. It is a code that lets people connect to your online activity.

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A VPN hides Ip address and locations of the users. When using a VPN the web traffic is rerouted to an external server and your activities online can be traced to the VPN server , it wont longer trace back to your IP address or you.

While using a VPN websites ,government or cybercriminal can no longer trace you with you IP address because they will only identify the IP address of the VPN server you connect to.

2.Protects against hackers or The government:

VPN encrypts data traffic through encryption protocols, which makes reading and intercepting your data very hard.

There are alot of groups that are interested in your online activity, those includes the governments and cybercriminals. The security of the VPN makes it harder for them to get or look at your data. This increase online safety.

We have to include that VPN isn’t the best solution to all cybercrime

3.Secured browsing on public networks:

Using a public WI-FI can be very risky. users using the same network (example hackers) can tap into your data and invade your privacy.

The VPN encrypts your data while using public WI-FI , someone trying to get your data will only see encrypted data not your personal information.

4.Using a VPN to Fight online censorship:

Using a VPN can help you bypass restriction and censorship by giving you access to connect to a server in another country. This method will allow you to go online as if you were in that country. With This method you can get access to services and websites that are not available in your country.

5.Using a VPN to bypass geographical restriction:

A VPN allows someone to connect to the internet and bypass any online restriction wall.

Its not only countries that imposes restriction on the internet. Some services online also restrict access to the content in certain regions.

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If you want access to a streaming service or website from another country you can do that with a VPN.

6. Using a VPN for anonymous downloads:

Certain file downloads is illegal in some countries , downloaders are tracked and sometimes prosecuted.

To be sure no one keeps track of what you are downloading or uploading a VPN is the best option , Because the traffic is encrypted and rerouted.

Is a VPN really safe?

Are you wondering how safe you might be with a VPN. While using a VPN the internet traffic is been redirected and goes through the server of the VPN provider. So the VPN provider can see all the things you are doing if they want to. Therefore its necessary to trust the VPN Service that you are working with, Most VPN providers do not log in to what you do and wont store your data.

Nevertheless there are VPN services that takes the data that runs through their servers and sell the data they get to advertisers. Especially when you are working with free VPNs, Most of them are not often safe, So it is advised to research in advance before using any VPN service.

Can a VPN Slow Down Your device Internet Connection?

A VPN redirects your internet connection through a remote server ,this takes up time so it may slow down your internet connection . This isn’t always the case.

There are other VPNs that try their best to make your internet connection as fast as they can , in case your internet speed is restricted by your internet service provider or from another party, a VPN can make your connection faster. The VPN makes sure that this limit will no longer affect you, so you can actually make use of the connection fully.


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