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What features make Vidmate: Different from other Apps?

There are exciting features these days that can make your experience easy, entertaining and effortless. Have you ever experienced an application that enables you to watch and download any type of video?  Have you ever come across a platform that gives you the ease to download the videos in any format and resolution that too without spending a single penny?

Well, Vidmate is the answer to all your questions. It is a popular application that is becoming the heartbeat of many people. The application is currently available on Android and PCs. You can download the app without any inconvenience or lengthy procedure.  In simple words, this app is a powerful instrument that allows a user to download any kind of video content from any of the sources on the internet like Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Instagram, Tumblr and many other platforms free of cost on your PC, tablet and smartphone.

A companion for you

This application is a real friend when it comes to offering an unlimited array of features. You must look at some of the most popular features of this app. Keep on reading to explore the features:

Amazing Resolution Options

Through this platform, you can download all the videos in HD quality. Of course, a stunning presentation always gives a remarkable experience. You would agree that the fun and experience enhances when the resolution is absolutely great. Once you watch HD videos on your mobile that too without buffering, you will have a top class experience. amazing. You know Android smartphones, once you have made all the arrangements, are assistive to watch equally to 720p resolution.   It is true that if you want more resolution then you might have to spend some money. Moreover, as the screen is limited on a mobile phone, you can’t discover so much of difference between a 480p video, 720p video and that of 1080p video. The difference would be slight to your eyes. The thing is that you can get the best video resolution capacity on your smartphone or PC with the help of this application. Similarly, you can even choose your favored format and resolutions of the clip you desire to download. You can easily pick from low quality to that of great HD quality, right from 360p to 1080p. The great news is that not just downloading videos, the application even permits the users to play all the clips in the application itself in HD Quality. So, the Vidmate application is two in one. You just not get to watch a variety of videos but you can easily download them all too.

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Speed is not a hassle

You can download videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and various other online video platforms through this app that too in a really fast way. It offers up to two hundred percent faster download speed as compared to other types of apps. The platform makes use of progressive technologyand helps you to get the utmost competence of your internet speed.  As per the swiftness of your internet facility, you can get the video downloaded from this video app.

So, after reading these features of this phenomenal app, are you still sitting? Go ahead download and install the app for a royal experience.

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