What is domain name system? Need of Domain name system

Have you ever heard about domain name system?,If not then keep reading the article, you will be able to know about domain name system.
As we know computers are using IP address to identify itself in a network.
Do you know, what is IP address?
Well, IP address is an internet protocol which is used to identify a computer in a network.

In simple word we can say IP address is a name which are assigned to the computers in a network in the same way how humans are assigned by a name.
Computers are communicating with each other in a network using an IP address. Domain name is a nick name of your computer IP address.

What is domain name system?

DNS is a domain name system which is used to resolve domain name to IP address.

IP address is in numeric form which is hard to remember for human.

So, to make easier for a human to remember, we provide an alias name to the computer which we called domain name system.

In simple word domain name system is used to convert computer understandable form to human understandable form and as well for computer.

Need of domain name system

Domain name system is a way to make a better understanding between computers and humans.

Because computers don’t understand human language and humans are getting hard to understand computer language.

So, network engineered have decided to invent something which helps to understand computer language to the human and human language to the computers.

And domain name system came in the role which convert IP address to a domain name and domain name to an IP address.

How domain name system works?

Do you know what’s happening behind when you are searching websites on the internet?, If answer is yes then it’s good but if not then you will be able to know after reading this article.

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Let’s start.

Humans don’t understand computer language and computers don’t understand human language.

So, domain name system work as a bridge between humans and computers and make easier for both to understand language of each other.

When you wish to search something on the internet, which way you prefer to search, by its name or by IP address.

Of course by its name because we are humans and we choose what easy for us

DNS steps:

1. When you type a website name in your browser for example www.trensdaily.com then first of all it will try to find its IP address from the DNS server.

2. Firstly, it will check in its own cache for IP address and if does not find anything there then it will go for next step.

3. The next step is resolver, it will check for IP address in resolver cache, resolver can be your Internet service provider, and if it does not find there too then it will go further.

4. Your ISP will send to the root server, root server is not going to know anything about IP address but it’s know where to send the request. It will send back the request to the resolver and tell that where you can find the IP address.

5. Now resolver will forward the request to top level domain mostly which contains .com, .net, org etc. but it is also not going to tell the IP address. It will tell the resolver to forward the request to the authoritative name server.

6. Authoritative name server have the information of each and every domain and it will provide the IP address to the resolver (Internet service provider).

7. And once resolver get the IP address of www.trensdaily.com it will store it in its cache and send it to your computer and then your computer will communicate with that IP address and display the webpage of.

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I have discussed maximum point in detail about domain name system above but in simple word Domain name system is a second name of your computer IP address which is designed to make better understandability for humans and computers.


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